Our programme of Lectures is listed below. Unless otherwise specified, lectures take place at the time and venue given on our welcome page.

Members may bring guests only by previous arrangement with the Membership Secretary at a cost of £4 per lecture. No guest may attend more than twice a year

Coffee is served prior to the Lectures from 10:15 am.     Please be seated by 10:55 am for announcements.

Lectures 2018-2019

13th September 2018   Linda Collins : 100 years of Modern Art explained with scepticism and humour.

11th October 2018        Mark Spencer : Plants in Art & Culture – How plants created society.

8th November 2018      Carol Petipher : The Ups & Downs of the Impressionists along the cradle of the Seine.

13th December 2018     Dr Paula Nuttall : The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art.

10th January 2019         Shauna Isaac : The Art of the Steal – Nazi looting during World War II.

14th February 2019       Mark Hill : Undressing Antiques

14th March 2019           Sandy Burnett : Bravos and Breastplates – The Evolution of Opera.

11th April 2019              Ian Swankie : The Medieval Guildhall & Guildhall Art Gallery – Hidden Gems in the heart of the Square Mile

9th May 2019                Hilary Williams : The Frick Collection, New York; the Wallace Collection, London and the Knole collection.

13th June 2019              Tobias Capwell : Beautiful Monsters – Heroic Armour of the Italian Renaissance.


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