One of the the main charitable aims of The Arts Society is to promote the arts to the under 25’s.  It does this through the Young Arts programme.

Our contribution last year was to help Palace Wood Primary School pay for ‘The Junk Orchestra’ visit their school and hold workshops with the children of the 8 key stage 2 classes.

The day began with an assembly for all the children when the facilitator introduced himself and all his instruments and explained how their shape and size altered the sounds.  Then he called the staff up to play them.  Shelley and I attended this session and thoroughly enjoyed it!  The children were very enthusiastic and engaged.

The rest of the school day involved sessions for class groups.  The school provided us with lots of photographs which have been on display at one of our meetings and at our Golden Jubilee celebration, I hope you took the opportunity to look at them.  I hear that the children were so stimulated by the workshop that they were creating their own junk instruments during the school breaks!

Planning for this year’s project is underway but not yet finally confirmed.  You will be able to follow progress via updates on this page