12th September 2019  Dr Diane Davies: The Magnificent Maya, Fact or Fiction.

10th October 2019       Eveline Eaton: The Bayeux Tapestry, the Wor|d’s Oldest Comic Strip.

14th November 2019   Tim Renton: Tour of Big Ben.

12th December 2019   Janet Canetty-Clarke: Celebration of Christmas in Music & Painting.


9th  January 2020        Chris Alexander: Nomadic Textiles of Central Asia.

13th  February 2020    Nicholas Reed: The Paintings & Wit of Winston Churchill & Noel Coward.

12th  March 2020         Tony Rawlins: Mad Men and Artists.

9th  April 2020              Ian Gledhill: Art and Illusion.

14th  May 2020            Adam Busiakiewicz: Warwick Castle – A Forgotten Collection.

11 June 2020              Anthea Streeter: Dame Zaha Hadid.