13th September 2018   Linda Collins : 100 years of Modern Art explained with scepticism and humour.

11th October 2018        Mark Spencer : Plants in Art & Culture – How plants created society.

8th November 2018      Carol Petipher: The Ups & Downs of the Impressionists along the cradle of the Seine.

13th December 2018     Dr Paula Nuttall: The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art.

10th January 2019         Shauna Isaac : The Art of the Steal – Nazi looting during World War II.

14th February 2019       Mark Hill : Undressing Antiques.

14th March 2019           Sandy Burnett : Bravos and Breastplates – The Evolution of Opera.

11th April 2019              Ian Swankie : The Medieval Guildhall & Guildhall Art Gallery – Hidden Gems in the heart of the Square Mile.

9th May 2019                Hilary Williams : The Frick Collection, New York; the Wallace Collection, London and the Knole collection.

13th June 2019              Tobias Capwell : Beautiful Monsters – Heroic Armour of the Italian Renaissance.