11th September 2014    Deborah Lambert  :  From the Levant to Parc Monceau

9th October 2014           Geri Parlby  :  This won’t hurt a bit!  Medicine in art through the ages.

13th November 2014     Juliet Heslewood  : Three artists of World War 1.

11th December 2014     Richard Box : The Christmas Story.  Paintings of the Nativity.

8th January 2015            Caroline Rayman  : The Role of the Royal Mistress in History.

12th February 2015        Alan Read  : The National Theatre

12th March 2015            John Ericson  : The Artwork & Stories behind peculiar Pub Names.

9th April 2015                 Kate Strasdin :  Foundations of Fashion.

14th May 2015                Lois Oliver : Art & the Napoleonic War; a lecture marking the Bicentenary  of the Battle of Waterloo.

11th June 2015               Bertie Pearce : The Punch & Judy Show