‘The Annunciation’ By Vanessa Bell of the Bloomsbury Group a mural painting in St Michael and All Angels’ Church Berwick has been chosen as our Christmas card for 2018.

Photograph reproduced with permission of the Church
Painting copyright the Duncan Grant Estate


£10 for 15 cards
£7 for 10 cards
75p for single cards

Message inside reads

With best wishes for Christmas
A Happy New Year


Card design  by The Reverend Christopher Miles in support of the appeal for the restoration of the Bloomsbury Group paintings of the 1940s, some of which have already deteriorated seriously in this East Sussex Church. All proceeds will go to the appeal.

About the painting

The angel Gabriel, holding lilies, a symbol of Mary’s virginity, is painted in a strong proclamatory colour and posture. Mary, kneeling, dressed in white, symbolic of her purity and virginity, humbly receives and accepts the call of God.

Gabriel and Mary are separated by a pillar which is an architectural feature often found in Renaissance Annunciations. It symbolises the boundary between two dimensions: the meeting of a spiritual, heavenly world and a material, temporal, earthly world.

More detail may be found at Berwick Church Website